Call of Duty Mobile Hack Cheats : Get Unlimited Free Points Credits in 2020

call of duty mobile hack

COD Mobile

The well-known Call of Duty Mobile franchise is developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision. This popular franchise, due to its repute, has gained millions of fans within a short duration of launching.

You will get numerous modes in the game on the Multiplayer Mode, namely, the frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Rescue, and a Practice mode with bots.

If you are also going to download the game, then you need some extra knowledge about the game. so we are listing some Call of Duty Mobile Cheats and trick for you. Keep scrolling till the end to know all of them to use decently.

Call of Duty Mobile Hack Cheats : Use Following Ways to Get Unlimited Free Points Credits

1. Daily And Weekly Events

Those who start playing Call of Duty Mobile, for the first time, you might get confused with the variety of options. For those, we have a Call of duty mobile hack to begin. Target those simple tasks given to you daily and weekly and start collecting the rewards.

The reason we suggest you start with these daily and weekly events is straightforward. When you play them, you will have good training in shooting control. In the game, controlling your weapons with a precision of time is essential before you land on the PVP matches.

In other words, these tasks have excellent rewards. After accomplishing them, you will gather enough coins which will come handy with getting some better equipment that your PVP enemies might have.

2. Choosing The Right Shooting Mode

There are two shooting modes in the game viz Simple mode and advanced mode. The Call of Duty Mobile hack is to choose the right shooting mode before a match.

In a Simple shooting mode, the biggest problem you will face is the automatic shooting whenever your aim pointer aims at the enemy without your scope.

In the simple mode, say when you are just peeking your enemy to know where he is and what he is doing, and with scooping at him and your aim pointer lands on him by mistake, it will automatically shoot him. And if you have a rifle at that time, then the chances are you might get killed before you get the chance of loading another bullet.

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Having an advanced mode will give the privilege of scoping your aim pointer on your enemy. However, if you wish to play on a simple shooting mode, then you can go with that, but the Call of Duty Mobile Cheats recommended is switching to the advanced mode to succeed in the Battle Royale game and receive higher rewards.

3. Use Weapons Cautiously in Multiplayer Mode

After killing a good number of enemies, your character will be awarded a Drone, UAV, and a missile. These three weapons can turn the game is used wisely. Try to use them in the Multiplayer mode for better results.

The Missile can end the entire game in a second. Just direct the Missile over the enemies, and it will finish everything in the blast radius. It can be a very useful weapon in Multiplayer mode.

Meanwhile, a UAV has different advantages in the game. You don’t scope your enemy from it. The Call of Duty Mobile aimbot is to just focus on the general direction of the enemy, and it will automatically seek the enemy and finish him right there.

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In a multiplayer mode, UAV can work well when you don’t have to scope your enemy. The Call of Duty Mobile aimbot is to aim is on the general direction and charge.

Now the best among them is the drone. Drones work perfectly to find where your enemies are hiding and killing them without putting your life in danger. The Call of Duty Mobile cheats is to use the drone in a Multiplayer mode to get your enemies under the radar without losing your points.

4. Upgrade Weapons

This Call of Duty Mobile cheats is to keep your weapons upgraded to the latest for better results. The more your experience in the game, the higher upgrades you will get for your weapons. Upgrading weapons will help you equip your weapons with sights, foregrips, magazines, and stocks, which increases the stats of your weapons.

Periodical upgrades will arrive in the game. The goal is to keep all your weapons upgraded forget all the necessary equipment for your Multiplayer mode. This Call f Duty Mobile cheat allows better performance against your opponents in the game.

5. Use Helicopters at the Right Moment

In the Battle Royale mode, the game allows you to use a helicopter. This Call of Duty Mobile hacks is to use helicopter only when you are playing solo. Always make sure to avoid flying helicopters when playing in squads.

The main problem that occurs while flying in squads is your enemies can shoot your helicopter from all sides, and it can crash. However, you might get a safe zone quickly if you are an experienced player. But it is recommended to use them only when you are not playing in squads and stay away from Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk.

6. Crouch and Slide While Dodging Bullets

The goal is to shift your position without getting killed by your enemies. Crouching and sliding help you avoid being hit by the bullets. The best thing to shift your position if your enemy spots you and you are trying to dodge the bullets is to crouch while sliding.

You can also shoot your enemies while sliding to distract him from aiming you.

The best thing you can do, if you get spotted by your enemy is to keep dodging yourself and confuse the enemy with your shifts. This way, your enemies will waste both time and bullets, and you can successfully hit targets during the process.

It is advisable not to use any Call of Duty Mobile hack Apk and Mod apks to avoid getting banned by the developers.

7. Glide to Get Away From Danger

There will be a lot of moments when you face a tricky situation and no ways to escape. The best thing you can do is to glide and land on the position. Many people do not know that their character also has a feature of gliding safely without any damages.

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If you are stuck during a gunfight or find no way to hide or escape, choose to glide from a cliff or a building to save you from getting killed.

You can easily glide from the air and land safely without any damages. This is a very good feature for your character in the game. Use this feature wisely and stop getting fooled by the websites claiming Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apks and hacks.

8. Choose Your Characters Wisely

The game allows you to choose your character before the Battle Royale game. There are six characters available in the game, namely Medic, Scout, Clown, Ninja, Mechanic, and Defender, from which you can choose among them wisely.

Do not go after any website claiming call of duty mobile mod apk unlimited money.

Medic gives you two boosts, one is the medical station that helps in healing your teammates, and the other helps to take 25% less time to revive your teammate.

Scout also gives you two boosts. One boost will help you see the footprints of the enemies and for a long time. The other is a sensor dart that helps in keeping an eye on all the players in the vicinity.

Clown, on the other hand, comes with a Toy Bomb that helps to summon Zombies whenever they try to come near their squad. It also has an Anti- Zombie boosts that reduced the zombie sensor distance to 15 meters.

Ninja has a special ability of grapple hook that hooks anywhere you want, and a noise muffled to avoid getting caught by the sound of the footsteps by enemies.

The mechanic has a boost of augmented sight that helps to make hostile any vehicle around the 80-meter radius and an EMP drone that helps in continuous EMP interference of enemies.

Defenders help in placing a transferable and flashing shield anywhere on the location. The other advantage is it incurs 20% less damage by all means. It is advisable to stay away from all the Call of Duty Mobile mod apk and Call of Duty Mobile Hack apk and to put your online data on risk.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Apk And Generators- Stay Away

If you are also the one looking for Call of Duty mod apk unlimited money. Then it is to inform you not to use any such websites claiming mod apks and generators as these are nothing but a scam. Giving data on these websites will result in you your online privacy.

We have mentioned all the legitimate Call of Duty Hacks and cheats. Use these legitimate ways to avoid getting into the trap of these scammers.